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June 8, 2007: Fantastic Four! Extended Edition!

(The image was looted without permission from the good folks at IGN Movies. My apologies, guys, it was just too good to pass up. Er… doesn’t this screencap make it look like an entirely different kind of movie?)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer opens in one short week. To get into the proper frame of mind, last night I watched the new-to-DVD Fantastic Four Extended Edition, which is twenty-six minutes longer than the original theatrical release. That’s twenty-six more minutes of general nitwittery. Twenty-six more minutes of the Thing’s self-pity and Von Doom’s strangely benign villainy. Twenty-six more minutes of Jessica Alba’s cleavage and Ioan Gruffudd's curious American accent.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Here’s a summary of the new footage: