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Heroes Volume Two, Chapter Ten: Truth & Consequences

Peter wanders around plague-stricken New York City circa 2008, calling out for Caitlin. He finds himself back in present-day Montreal with Adam, having failed to rescue Caitlin via teleportation. When Adam learns the future plague is caused by the Shanti virus, he tells Peter about one of the Company founders, Victoria Pratt, who first retrieved a sample of the virus from Shanti Suresh in 1977 and used it to create a biological weapon. Adam convinces Peter they need to destroy all remaining strains of the virus to prevent the upcoming catastrophe.

At the Bennet home, Bob delivers an urn containing what he claims are Mr. Bennet's remains to the family. As Mrs. Bennet holds him off at gunpoint, Bob assures her the Company will leave the family alone out of gratitude for Mr. Bennet’s years of devoted service.

Bob tells Elle to keep the Bennets under surveillance for a while. When Elle complains to her dad about her wounded arm, Bob reprimands her for her carelessness in getting shot…

Heroes Volume Two, Chapter Nine: Cautionary Tales


What an utterly bizarre episode.

Ever since the discovery of one of Isaac Mendez’s missing paintings way back in episode three of this season, we’ve known Bennet was destined to take a bullet to the eyeball at some point. For the past couple episodes, thanks to yet another precognitive painting, we’ve had a pretty good idea Mohinder would be the one pulling the trigger. We’ve all tried to puzzle out how things could escalate to such a point. How, we wondered, could their relationship deteriorate to a stage where gullible yet morally pure Mohinder would deliberately kill sympathetic yet morally gray Bennet?

Sure, there’d been some groundwork laid, what with Bennet growing increasingly paranoid and brusque with Mohinder, and Mohinder seeing evidence the Company might be less evil than Bennet had led him to believe, but still, it’s a mighty big leap from misunderstandings to murder. Could Heroes possibly pull off the killing of Bennet in a way that doesn’t undermine everything th…

Heroes Volume Two, Chapter Eight: Four Months Ago

We kick things off with one of Mohinder’s inscrutable voiceovers. They never make much sense, but I like listening to them anyway. The accent, you see. It’s pretty. By the way, this is all we’re going to get of Mohinder this episode. As much as a week without Mohinder is an ugly, joyless prospect, it’s probably for the best. The poor boy’s been awfully frazzled and flighty the past few episodes; he could use some time off to get his head together before he does something really reckless, like, say, shooting Mr. Bennet in the eye.

We pick up in Montreal with Peter’s encounter with Adam Monroe, the man formerly known as Takezo Kensei. Now that he’s an immortal, vengeance-driven villain instead of an inept samurai imposter, he’s scads more fun. Yet another reason to celebrate the end of that damnable feudal-Japan plotline. When Peter fails to recognize him, Adam figures the Haitian wiped Peter’s memory. He tells Peter to tap into his regenerative power to heal his mushy little brain. Pe…

Heroes Volume Two, Chapter Seven: Out of Time

Feudal Japan: A lot of stuff happens, some of which is even sort of important. Here’s the key thing: this plotline finally ends. Hiro duels with Kensei, there’s a big gunpowder explosion in which Kensei presumably dies, Yaeko promises to preserve the timeline by making sure the legend of Kensei is passed down intact, and Hiro teleports home to present-day Tokyo.

In Ukraine, Bennet glowers at the final series of precognitive paintings. He calls Mohinder at Company headquarters and asks all kinds of pointed questions about why it looks like Mohinder will shoot him in the eye in the near future. He wants to send Mohinder photos of the paintings, but Mohinder balks – his new partner Niki is watching him too closely to risk it. Bennet insists, claiming his family’s safety is at stake. Mohinder: "So that makes me expendable?" There’s a long, long pause while Bennet tries to think of some answer other than "Yes". Mohinder squawks a bit about how they’re supposed to be wor…