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Shady Characters: Angela Petrelli & Noah Bennet

Racked up another two Heroes bus posters today, both in West L.A.: Angela Petrelli, spotted on Olympic at Sawtelle, and Noah Bennet, found on Overland at Pico.

Good to see that Angela, after two seasons of providing sterling supporting villainy, has been booted up to a series regular. Great poster, too. However, I'm chagrined to report that I did not manage to get a single shot of the Angela poster that did not feature the phantom image of Morgan Richter, Ace Photographer, reflected in it.


(Good poster of Noah, too. As much as I liked him in the first season, I've been a little down on Noah--HRG, if you prefer--since last season, where he was less "coldly competent enigma" and more "ineffectual dickwad". However, it's a brand new season. As far as I'm concerned, the slate's clean.)

The original plan was to hunt for posters at the beach. I was feeling a little logy from all the walking this week, so I hopped a westbound bus on Wilshire …

Trifecta: Hiro, Peter, Nathan

Hunted down three more Heroes bus posters today: Hiro, Peter, and Nathan. I found Hiro on Wilshire at Mansfield in the Hancock Park area, Peter on Wilshire at Norton in Koreatown, and Nathan on Olympic and Union just west of downtown.

In light of all the camera trouble I've been having this week, these photos were taken with an Aries digital camera I picked up at Walgreens for a big twenty smackeroos. It's sort of a Fisher-Price My First Digital Camera--it's chunky and plastic, and the resolution, as you can tell, is a little wonky--but you know what? It gets the job done. Runs on two AAA batteries, has ample memory, works just fine. For the price, I have no complaints.

I also spotted another Hiro and another Claire, and a staggering four Mohinder posters (three on Wilshire. Mohinder pwns Wilshire!). Mohinder, my love, it's fantastic seeing your beautiful face plastered about my fair city, but in the interest of me finding the remaining posters before my poor stum…

Hard-Won Blondes: Claire & Niki

Spotted two more Heroes posters today: Claire, located on La Brea at Melrose (kittycorner from Pink's), and Niki, located on Wilshire at La Brea (kittycorner from Luna Park).

Nice posters, both of them. I'm impressed with this ad campaign: it has a nice larger-than-life comic-book feel to it, which is exactly where the show should be heading. I'm also thrilled that thus far none of the promotional material has featured Claire in a cheerleading outfit. Heroes had two chances to drum up an original or interesting or witty cheerleading-related plotline, and they biffed it both times. Here's hoping this season marks the end of high school scenes.

Gmaps Pedometer informs me that the Niki poster is a scant 1.18 miles away from my starting point, whereas the Claire poster is 2.65 miles away.

Gmaps Pedometer also tells me I walked 15.2 miles today in search of these damn posters.

This was today's route: west on Olympic to Robertson to the BP Helios House, which is the sna…

Un-Special Ando!

Found another Heroes bus poster, this one of Ando, located at the bus stop on Wilshire and Barrington in Brentwood. These posters are proving tricky to find -- I spotted this one only after walking through Beverly Hills along Wilshire (a totally wasted effort, as it turns out, because, whilst Wilshire has about eight thousand bus stops through Beverly Hills -- number possibly exaggerated for comic effect -- none of them have bus shelters and hence, no bus posters), then dropping down on Santa Monica to Westwood (another wasted effort -- no bus shelters along that stretch of Santa Monica, either), up Westwood Boulevard to Westwood Village, where I scouted for bus posters around UCLA, then back down to Wilshire again and over to Brentwood. And there was Ando. Managed to snap off one photo before my camera died, then I hopped the bus home.

I could make a snide comment at this point about how a ten-mile walk is a lot of effort just to get a look at a poster of Ando ("Un-special Ando…

Heroes Invasion

At left: Heroes continues its promotional onslaught around Los Angeles. This Heroes-bedazzled building is on Wilshire just west of Fairfax; the TV Guide building on Hollywood Boulevard has received similar treatment. No new individual-character bus stop posters sighted today, though I cut a good swath through Hollywood and West Hollywood on my walk: Wilshire from Fairfax to La Brea, La Brea up to Hollywood, Hollywood over to Highland, Highland down to Santa Monica, Santa Monica over to Fairfax, down Fairfax to Olympic, scrutinizing bus stops all the while. Looks like they’re rolling out the individual-character posters slowly, perhaps to drag out the suspense for people like me. Or perhaps there’s no room left over for Heroes now that Pushing Daisies has blanketed the city with its own bus posters (I counted well over a dozen Pushing Daisies posters along Santa Monica alone. Which is fine--glad to see it survived the strike after all--but it’s the same damn poster! Heroes has tw…

Mohinder is pretty.

I came across this on my walk today: a downright snazzy bus poster of Mohinder from Heroes on the corner of La Cienega and Whitworth.

We're less than a month away from the premiere of Season Three of Heroes, at which time I'll be resuming my weekly episode recaps. In the meantime, my reviews of Volume One can be found here, Volume Two can be found here, and my miscellaneous Heroes-related posts, including my account of meeting those damn pretty cast members--yes, I'm looking at you, Mohinder--during the WGA strike, can be found here.

(For anyone who clicked through, I have precious little to add, other than to note that I get a spike in my blog hits whenever I mention the name "Sendhil Ramamurthy". According to Google Analytics, my most popular post by a landslide is my Ultimate Force guide, which was discovered by ninety-six people using the specific keywords "Sendhil Ramamurthy Ultimate Force" alone. Intriguing...)

Cruel Summer

I took a bad walk yesterday.

The goal was to walk to Burbank. I didn’t make it there.

I’ve been in a funk. It’s August, which is my least favorite month of the year. Los Angeles is too hot and too bright and too dead, and everything smells like the tar pits, or hot metal, or curdled milk and uncollected garbage. I’m unemployed. I can’t figure out how to find a job--I’m living in a vacuum these days, firing off applications and résumés into a void. My book is dead in the water: my last batch of query letters to agents came back in a perfect wave of rejection. I’ve exhausted my list of potential agents, and, as much as the thought of giving up on it makes my stomach ache, I’m out of options. I’ve been struggling with the outline of a screenplay that’s going nowhere. I’ve also been collaborating with a friend on the script for a horror film he’s planning to direct, and while his ideas are flowing fast and furious, my contributions to the creative process have consisted of little m…