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Merry Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Sadly, I have no hot plans for tonight, other than celebrating my cat’s birthday with a cake lovingly made from all her favorite foodstuffs: tuna, peppermint tea bags, squashed bugs, and used Q-tips. This is a crying shame, because I’ve been looking for an excuse to dress up like Jem, spiky pink hair and all (for those too young to appreciate the reference, Jem was the Hannah Montana of the eighties, except Jem utilized cutting-edge hologram technology to transform from her drab alter ego into a glamorous rock star, whereas Hannah just tosses on a blonde wig. Advantage: Jem).

Hey, I just took a look at my website statistics, and it looks like my Heroes recaps have picked up a healthy bunch of weekly lurkers. This is great, though please know you’re also welcome to join in on the comment-thread madness following the recaps. The comments (much like the recaps) tend to be a free-form amalgam of genial snark and half-baked analysis; the more, the merrier.


Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Seven: Eris Quod Sum

Mohinder faces off against Tracy and Nathan. Using his bug-man super-powers, he rips Maya out of her cocoon and leaps up through the skylights (Mohinder’s lab has skylights?). He takes Maya to Pinehearst and meets Arthur Petrelli. Arthur steals the Black Eye Goo of Death power from Maya and cures her, then puts Mohinder to work perfecting Pinehearst’s version of the power-giving formula. When Mohinder confronts Maya later, she’s monstrously peeved at him for turning evil and sticking her in a cocoon. Equipped with cash, a wheelie suitcase, and a shiny new American passport, she storms out of his life. Vaya con Dios, Maya! May you find happiness and a decent character arc elsewhere, because you sure weren’t finding either here.

When Claire and Sandra return home from tangling with Doyle, they discover their lights on the fritz, Lyle unconscious, and crazy Elle hanging out in their living room. A super-powered catfight between Elle and Claire ensues. Lyle takes a baby step toward…

Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Six: Dying of the Light

So it turns out Hiro really didn’t kill Ando. Yeah, see, he didn’t really slaughter his best friend in cold blood without provocation. It was all a trick to get in good with Daphne and Knox. Boy, I bet nobody saw that coming. Yeah, instead he stopped time, teleported to a magic shop, picked up a collapsible sword and some fake blood, then traveled back in time and explained the plan to Ando, who then played along and only pretended to die. Convinced of Hiro’s loyalty, Knox leaves with Adam, while Daphne gives Hiro an assignment to go to Africa to retrieve Usutu for Pinehearst.

Knox takes Adam to the Pinehearst facility to see the hospitalized Arthur Petrelli. Arthur sucks out Adam’s power of immortality, and Adam disintegrates into a crumbling pile of dust. So long, Adam Monroe! Kind of weird how they dug you up from your grave just so you could be killed off for good two episodes later, but heck, you’ll probably pop up again at some point, given the amazing rate at which chara…

Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Five: Angels and Monsters

Let’s start with Peter, who, back on Level Five, is still completely nuts from absorbing Sylar’s intuitive ability. He attacks Sylar and breaks his neck. When Angela tries to stop him, he accuses her of withholding secrets and tries to slice open her head. Sylar comes back to life and knocks him out. Bennet arrives and tells Sylar he has a lead on another of the Level Five escapees. They take off in hot pursuit.

Inside a building labeled “Pinehearst”, Linderman asks Daphne how she feels about recruiting super-powered individuals to form a New World Order. He gives her some files on her potential targets, who include Knox and Mohinder. Daphne agrees to help, though she dismisses them as “pretty nasty people”. Now you’ve done it, Mohinder: your icky genetic experiments have been off-putting enough to make adorable blonde girls lump you in the “pretty nasty people” category.

In Costa Verde, Sandra Bennet finally figures out: a) there’s no cheerleading retreat, and b) her daughter …

Heroes Volume Three Chapter Four: I Am Become Death

Mohinder continues his research into his new abilities. The peeling scaly crap on his back worsens, so he stops wandering around shirtless. Pity. He investigates a violent argument in a neighboring apartment, where he suspects his neighbor is beating his wife. When Mohinder intervenes, his neighbor hurls racially-charged insults and tells him to mind his own business. Mohinder, using his new super-powers, beats the tar out of him.

Later, Maya drops by his lab and wants to get frisky. Mohinder, whose super-powered libido abandoned him around the time he started growing scales, gets bitchy and snappish, so she leaves in a huff. Mohinder makes an entry in his journal about his transformation, which includes this phrase: “The rash is spreading.”

I could have lived a long and happy life without ever hearing Mohinder say, “The rash is spreading.”

Mohinder can’t reverse the process that gave him abilities, and he’s developing sticky webs on his fingers. Plus, he’s turning mean and sc…