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Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Ten: The Eclipse, Part One

As an eclipse looms, Arthur Petrelli sketches prophetic doodles of doom. He orders nauseating lovebirds Sylar and Elle to find Claire so Mohinder can use her as the catalyst in his formula. Meanwhile, Mohinder conducts an autopsy on the test subject he snuffed last episode. Mohinder’s own transformation is accelerating--he’s developed a hacking cough, and the scaly crud has spread over his hands and face--which spooks him deeply.

At Primatech, Angela Petrelli gathers her forces together. She sends Nathan and Peter to retrieve the Haitian, then assigns Bennet the task of protecting Claire from Arthur. Bennet takes Claire to Bubbles’s old house to give her a crash course in self-defense, which entails calling her a spoiled brat and goading her to hit him with a floorboard. Which Claire does, repeatedly and with much gusto.

Sylar and Elle, in pursuit of Claire, try to rent a car in Los Angeles. Elle, who is back to her usual gleefully bonkers self after two episodes of baffling a…

Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Nine: It's Coming

The buzzword for this episode: eclipse! It opens with a big, portentous Mohinderlogue about how eclipses are way cool. Mohinder is a little too impressed with eclipses.

In Africa, Arthur puts the whammy on Hiro (while Usutu’s decapitated head lies nearby--nice touch!), but gets distracted by one of Usutu’s prophetic paintings of an eclipse (buzzword!) before he can finish him off. Ando tries to get Hiro to teleport them to safety, but Hiro’s brain has been turned to pudding and he now thinks he’s ten years old. Ando guides him through the teleportation process, and they end up in a bowling alley/waffle-and-chicken restaurant in Tokyo. Let the wacky hijinks ensue!

Arthur teleports back to Pinehearst (hey, Arthur can teleport?), where Sylar glowers and broods. Arthur knows Sylar saved Peter from the fall out the window. This evidence of Sylar’s soft, mushy side is disappointing, though I take heart from the knowledge he was the one who defenestrated Peter in the first place. Art…

Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Eight: Villains

It’s that time again. You know how every season Heroes whips together a flashback episode that takes another look at past events and tries to explain them in new and nonsensical ways? That’s what we get this week. Alas, unlike past seasons, this particular flashback episode is sort of crappy. I suppose this was inevitable: the season’s been firing on all cylinders thus far, so it was past due for a clunker. On the plus side, this episode marks the debut of a snazzy new “Villains” logo to replace the usual “Heroes” title card. It’s not much, but I’m trying to look on the bright side.

The episode kicks off with a rambling Mohinderlogue about the nature of good and evil. Hiro, in Africa with Ando and Usutu, takes a drug-induced spirit walk back in time to New York eighteen months ago, back when Peter was a sweet-natured nurse and still had those attractive floppy bangs. Angela and Arthur Petrelli throw a swanky bash to celebrate Nathan’s promotion to assistant district attorney. …