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2008: Goodbye and good riddance.

Oh, 2008: you really crept up and bit me in the ass there at the end, didn't you?

The year started out okay: in January, my book did well in that Amazon competition. And then it was pretty much all downhill from there. My company was bought out and my job was eliminated. I couldn't get an agent for the book for love or money or sweat or tears. I couldn't find work. I resurrected all my film-school demons. I had far too many projects and possibilities fall through. And then, devastatingly, my mom died.

So, 2009, I'm pinning all my hopes on you. Here's to good friends and good fortune for all in a bold new year.

Because I'm currently bankrupt for ideas for original content, I'm going to end the year with another look at some of the keywords used to find this site. Here we go:

are seaquest and farscape the same universe
No, but that's not as preposterous an idea as it would first appear. The same thought flickered through my head while I was watching

"Earth, receive an honoured guest"

Verna Ellen Richter
January 10th, 1945 - December 19th, 2008

I love you, mom.


Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Thirteen: Dual

The final episode of Volume Three opens with that rarest of rarities: a Sylar monologue, in which he babbles on about cosmic jokes and the “dark proof of God’s absence.” Sheesh. Merry Christmas to you, too, Sylar.

After his brief flirtation with soul-searching and introspection, Sylar seems to have decided heroism is for losers. He storms the Primatech building and locks Claire, Angela, Bennet, and Meredith inside. While Angela and Claire hide out in Angela’s office, Meredith and Bennet head down to Level Five and release all the prisoners to use them as bait to trap Sylar. When Sylar attacks Meredith, puppet master Eric Doyle comes to her rescue. Sylar knocks Doyle out and stabs Meredith with a syringe full of adrenaline, which makes her abilities malfunction. He locks Bennet and Meredith in a cell together and scampers off to cause more mischief.

When Angela and a shotgun-toting Claire try to rescue Meredith and Bennet, Sylar attacks them and absconds with Angela. Claire se…

Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Twelve: Our Father

Arthur calls Sylar to nag him into completing his mission to capture Claire. Sylar, however, is in the middle of dumping lighter fluid on Elle’s corpse, and thus is in no mood for a guilt trip from his fake dad. While Elle goes up in flames, Sylar looks sort of wistful and melancholy about murdering his girlfriend, but it’s hard to be certain what’s in his head these days; it’s equally possible he’s just thinking about how he’d really like a slice of pie. Sylar then targets some poor office drone named Sue, who has the ability to act as a human lie detector, and lops off the top of her head. He seems positively orgasmic about this. Just for laughs, he gleefully murders a bunch of her coworkers, too. Wow, that’s a really evil thing to do. Nothing nice about that. It seems pretty clear he’s evil again. Evil, evil, evil. At least until next episode.

Nathan drops by Arthur’s office and tells him he’s decided to take over Pinehearst. Arthur gets a good chuckle at this, but agrees…

Heroes Volume Three, Chapter Eleven: The Eclipse, Part Two

The eclipse continues. And continues, and continues, and continues…

In Haiti, Baron Samedi chains Nathan up in a cell along with a couple of scantily-clad women. Samedi, who has impenetrable skin on eclipse-free days, mistreats the women and strokes his chin in a sinister way. This eliminates any lingering doubt about his status as a villain. Peter and the Haitian rescue Nathan and the women, but Peter stays behind to hold off Samedi’s heavily-armed forces.

Los Angeles: Sylar is strangely chipper about his lack of powers. He tells Elle being powerless will give them a chance to start a fresh new life together. Great. The Sylar and Elle relationship is back to being sort of barfy. Despite having a sniper rifle trained on the lovebirds at the end of last episode, Mr. Bennet still hasn’t gotten around to shooting them. Instead, he waits until they drop out of his line of sight and start having sex on the floor before he opens fire. Elle gets nicked in the leg, and she and Sylar r…