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Ten Common-Sense Ways to Fix Heroes

So, Heroes. Volumes Three and Four. Pretty sloppy stuff.

Can Heroes be fixed? Sure, provided more time and care is spent with the scripts. Will this happen? I doubt it. Last season’s most promising behind-the-scenes development was the return of Volume One’s celebrated writer-producer Bryan Fuller to the fold. The first episode he penned after his return, “Cold Snap,” was the strongest episode of the season. However, two of Heroes’ worst-ever episodes, the filler-heavy “Into Asylum” and the execrable “1961,” also came after Fuller rejoined the staff. This does not bode well for the health and longevity of the series.

Here’s a list of my common-sense--one could say blatantly obvious--suggestions for cleaning up and improving the show. Much of this rehashes material covered elsewhere on this site, both in my episode recaps and the comments that follow them. This is a key point I’ve made before: while there’s no consensus of opinion as to what constitutes a good plot (if anyone’…

Arts & Crafts Interlude

(Because I can't write about Heroes all the time...)

This used to be a solid white pasteboard IKEA bookcase someone was throwing out. Several years ago, I hauled it home and covered it in black acrylic paint with a Chinese red interior. It was time for a change, so yesterday I painted it entirely black, then covered the shelves in some cool black-and-gold craft paper my sister sent me.

As anyone who has ever seen my rejection letter coffee table knows, I'm a huge fan of decoupage as a cheap, fast, foolproof decorating technique. This is extraordinarily easy to do.

(As you can see from these strangely non-fuzzy photos, I have a real, grown-up person's digital camera now, with a working flash and everything, thanks to my sister. It's an awesome camera. Samsung, adorable, blue, works a treat. Let's see how long it takes me to destroy this one.)

After removing the shelves and repainting the rest of the bookcase in solid black (I love acrylic paint -- it's cheap,…

Throw Sendhil from the Train

Let’s start with the obvious: Death, Deceit and Destiny Aboard the Orient Express is a miserable excuse for a title. Off the top of my head, I can drum up a handful of perfectly serviceable alternatives: Terror on the Orient Express, say, or Millennial Terror, or, my personal pick, the spoilery yet evocative Throw Sendhil from the Train.

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

Death, Deceit and Destiny Aboard the Orient Express is a 2001 joint Canada-UK-Bulgaria-Italy production. Judging by the end result, it’s probably fair to assume that none of the aforementioned countries saw a return on their investment. It was filmed on location in Bulgaria with a largely Bulgarian cast and crew. Many of the actors appear to be speaking their lines phonetically. It stars Richard Grieco. These are not the elements of a breakaway hit.

It’s New Year’s Eve at the turn of the millennium, and a bunch of the world’s richest and most gullible are onboard the Orient Express bound for Istanbul as the gu…

Fun with keywords (desperation edition)

The original plan was to post the second installment of my grand Heroes Experiment today. That turned out to be overly optimistic, as I lacked the necessary enthusiasm and gumption over the weekend to push through and finish the blasted thing. So there will be a delay.

Sort of in a funk these days, actually. In the interest of mood-boosting, I would be greatly obliged if anyone could point me in the direction of any of the following:

a) a job,
b) cool inside scoop on Volume Five of Heroes (feel free to just make crap up -- I'm not particular),
c) cheeky nude photos of Sendhil Ramamurthy (once again, fake is totally okay).

Thanks muchly in advance.

I know I did this just last month, but in the interests of padding this post out to a respectable length, here's a look at more search terms people have used to find this site:

why bother with heroes volume 5
Good question. I've been asking myself that as well these days. I guess it's because Heroes, warts and all, still has a…