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Fun with keywords (It's a cruel, cruel summer edition)

Oh, July, how I hate you.

I got knocked out of the first round of judging in the Nicholl Fellowships (the first two judges to read my script gave it a positive rating, but the third rated it low enough to bump it out of contention), I’ve had no luck on the job front (it’s entirely possible I’ve backslid), I may have to pack it in and move out of Los Angeles with my tail between my legs in the very near future, my self-esteem is bruised beyond recognition, and Sendhil Ramamurthy grew an unflattering beard. There's just nothing good in any of that. So I’m sitting here in front of the fan, cursing summer and humming Bananarama tunes sadly to myself.

A quick look at the recent search terms used to find this site:

ultimate force what is rupert
Slang for "officer". Possibly disparaging.

what hardy boys episode from season 3 features a character named jocco?
Ah. "Last Kiss of Summer", parts one and two. Great character, Jocco, and a great performance by Kevin Brophy.…

Five Conspiracy Theories About Mohinder’s Beard

Beautiful Heroes star Sendhil Ramamurthy popped up at London Film & Comic Con last weekend with a gigantic bristly hedgehog stapled to his neck and chin. From various attendee reports, he apparently made it clear that: a) the hedgehog is strictly for the show, and b) despite the lack of advance word about his plotline, he’s already shot some scenes, thus squashing rumors that Mohinder won’t be around for Volume Five.

(I mean, Mohinder’s probably not going to be around much, seeing as how he does not appear at all in the just-released teaser trailer for Volume Five. Oh, Heroes. In an erratic and uncertain universe, at least I can count on you to disappoint me at every turn.)

I haven’t found any official photos of The Beard, hence my crackerjack Artistic Rendition above. If you’re curious to see The Beard in all its furry, bristly, hedgehoggy glory, there are some great fan photos floating around online, such as the ones here and here and here.

Since there’s still no word about Moh…

Five excuses for not updating my blog more frequently

1. My search for a job has pretty much taken precedence over everything else at the moment.

That, and the all-encompassing fear and dread that goes along with not being able to find gainful employment. Theoretically, I should be putting this copious amount of free time to good use by churning out a blizzard of fresh blog posts. Instead, I’ve been spending the summer moping and fretting.

2. There’s nothing interesting happening with Heroes right now.

I have a policy -- and I think it’s a good one -- about not passing judgment based only on leaked rumors and spoilers. It’s not fair to the creative staff to criticize a concept before seeing the execution. So while the rumors circulating about the new season of Heroes (childhood flashbacks, Petrelli angst, beautiful deaf girls, evil carnies, and collegiate Sapphic dabbling) haven’t captured my fancy, I will wait patiently until after Volume Five premieres in September to weigh in on any of this.

(Heroes rumor mill: online speculation has …

Fun With Keywords (American Independence Edition)

Happy Independence Day, everyone. It’s been a little quiet around these parts lately. Not much has been going on, apart from the usual smattering of personal and professional disappointments; here’s hoping July brings good news and new inspiration.

Here’s a look at the search terms people used to find this site in June: 'can patrick manipulate the keywords'
Yes, Patrick, you can manipulate the keywords. You have manipulated them enough times to snag the #4 spot in my search results. Kudos.

skulky the turtle wonder will never turn into a bug
skulky the turtle wonder totally awesome

Speaking of manipulating the keywords… I’m assuming my dear friend Boy-Morgan has been too busy with his newborn son (congratulations, Boy-Morgan!) to bother mucking about with my site stats, so I’m going to go ahead and blame these two searches on Dan.

ali larter shirtless
parker stevenson shirtless
bruce boxleitner shirtless
tony dow shirtless

This lends more credenc…