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Heroes! Press Release!

NBC has come up with a snazzy press release about the upcoming Volume Five of Heroes. Like all good press releases, it does a nice job of drumming up interest in the coming season: it provides neat tidbits of information about each character's plotline and gives some indication of the general thrust of the volume. It sounds pretty good. However, snazzy press release or no, at this point it’s reeeeeeeeally hard to summon up too much enthusiasm for Heroes. We’ve been down this path too many times, and been disappointed too many times, and thus this press release seems a little… disingenuous. So I drafted my own version.

NBC’s version of the release can be found here. Mine is below. Warning for vague, press release-style spoilers:


Following an unsatisfying third season, which hemorrhaged viewers in all directions thanks to a mixture of slipshod plotting and wildly inconsistent characterization, “Heroes” returns to NBC on September 21. “Volume Five: Redempt…

A Brief Fiction Interlude

August in Los Angeles has a way of making me glum and melancholy. I’d started working on an essay about the peculiar frustration and embarrassment that comes with trying to gain access to an industry that wants nothing to do with me, but then I realized I’d already written a ninety thousand word novel on the subject. Summer is about being lazy, and what could be lazier than recycling old content instead of writing a fresh blog post? Thus, in lieu of an essay, I'm posting the first chapter here.

About Charlotte Dent: I sort of thought I was writing a grim, serious book about themes of identity (“Charlotte Dent” sounds like “charlatan”; Charlotte frets about the disconnect between her public and private images, and she’s constantly mistaken for and/or replaced by other people). I’m not sure I succeeded: a very generous Publishers Weekly review of the unpublished manuscript, written for judging purposes in a competition, opened with this sentence: “Chick lit embraces Hollywood pl…