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Heroes Volume Five, Chapter Eleven: The Fifth Stage

I’m fighting off a cold, folks. Shall we see if Heroes improves when I’m floating on Alka-Seltzer cold tablets?

Lydia tells Samuel she knows the truth. She doesn’t elaborate, but it’s probably safe to assume she’s talking about Joseph’s murder. She tells him she has a daughter to look after, so his secret is safe. If she really wants to keep her daughter safe, perhaps it would be smarter not to let Samuel know she knows he killed his brother in the first place. Samuel doesn’t reply, and indeed looks bored to tears with her. He’s more interested in the arrival of Eli, his brand-new replacement henchman, now that Edgar has fled the carnival. Samuel instructs Eli to retrieve files from Noah Bennet’s apartment. Says Samuel, “They’re in a box marked ‘Primatech.’” Sheesh, like that’s going to narrow it down. Eli, FYI, can form multiple copies of himself. Somewhere, Jamie Madrox is not amused.

Lauren drops by Noah’s apartment, ready for a hot date. Does Lauren have a power? Laur…

Heroes Volume Five, Chapter Ten: Thanksgiving

At the carnival, Samuel watches the footage of Chandra Suresh at Coyote Sands while Hiro pounds on the door of his trailer, demanding Samuel live up to his end of the bargain and release Charlie. Samuel rambles on about how there are greater priorities than Charlie, now that he’s discovered his destiny.

Lydia discovers that Hiro fixed something in Samuel’s past. Curious as to why Samuel didn’t ask Hiro to save Joseph’s life, Lydia asks Hiro to take her back in time eight weeks and show her what he did.

Eight weeks ago: We see a fleeting glimpse of Mohinder (hi, Mohinder!) leaving Joseph’s trailer. Samuel, lurking in the shadows, confronts Joseph about Mohinder’s intentions. While Hiro and Lydia spy on them, Joseph fills Samuel in on the true nature of his ability –- Samuel could potentially kill millions –- and adds that he advised Mohinder to burn the film to prevent Samuel from becoming dangerous. Nice going, Joseph, you just doomed poor Mo. Joseph claims he called a “man from th…

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. As Action Figure Mohinder and I will be in New York this week, drinking Prosecco and cranberry juice with Ingrid (festive!), the posting schedule might get a little wonky. I'll try to have Heroes up by Tuesday morning, though no promises.

Five preview clips of Monday's Heroes may be viewed here. For those who avoid spoilers, I won't comment any further, apart from noting the following:
a) Clip #1 looks pretty good,
b) Clips #2 through #5 are pretty much the worst things I've ever seen,
c) in Clip #4, with the single line "You're so likeable!", Doug just became my new favorite character, and:
d) I'm actually sort of okay about being stuck on a plane while the episode airs live.

FlashForward Episode Nine: Believe

Any huge Bryce fans out there? This is your lucky night. Four weeks before the blackout: Bryce and another doctor examine X-rays. The doctor tells Bryce his cancer has metastasized in the liver, and the prognosis is grim. Huh. This seems like a fairly ginormous part of Bryce’s backstory to spring on us now, and it feels pretty random. Afterward, Bryce wanders in a daze through the parking lot. While backing out of his parking space, he dings a shiny red ’63 T-bird. The driver bawls him out, so Bryce pulls forward, then backs up again, repeatedly hitting the car. He gets out and walks away, ignoring the driver as he bellows at him.

Two weeks before the blackout: In Tokyo, a young mechanical engineer named Keiko practices smiling in the bathroom mirror before she’s called in for a job interview at Nakahara, a major robotics firm. She shares her impressive credentials (she specializes in biomedical engineering and robotics) and her less-impressive hobbies (guitar and salsa d…

Fringe: Of Human Action

Just FYI, my recap of last week's episode of Fringe is up at

V Episode Three: A Bright New Day

Chad reports on how the American borders are now open to a limited number of Visitors. Anna is the first Visitor to step outside the Peace Ambassador center and onto American soil. She holds up her passport for the cameras.

Erica watches a news broadcast and grouses to Tyler about how there was no time to do a proper threat assessment before opening the borders to Visitors. After Tyler leaves, Father Jack arrives to meet with Erica for a Visitor-fighting strategy sessions. Erica gets called in by the FBI to the Peace Ambassador center, where Visitors have reported receiving death threats. She tells Father Jack she might uncover information there they can use to their advantage, then leaves him behind to sort through the files she’s accumulated on things possibly related to the Visitor threat.

Ryan and Valerie stroll through the city and exchange I-love-yous. Poor Valerie has yet to have anything of substance to do on this show, other than fretting that Ryan is keeping secrets from h…

Heroes Volume Five, Episode Nine: Brother’s Keeper

At the Sullivan Brothers Carnival, Hiro stares at Charlie’s waitress nametag while Samuel tells him he needs to go back in time eight weeks to a motel room in Texas to prevent Mohinder from destroying a film from 1961. If he can deliver the film to Samuel, he’ll save Charlie.

Nine weeks ago in Chennai, Mohinder lectures a girl on plate tectonics while his Volume One fiancée, Mira, beams at him. He tells Mira he’s thinking of making lamb biriyani for dinner. It’s worth pointing out that he’s clean-shaven and looking especially pretty. Mira, who is familiar with the way Mohinder’s side projects tend to get him into trouble, urges him to throw out a box he had delivered filled with his father’s Coyote Sands research. Mohinder agrees and throws the box away.

In a diner in Washington DC, Tracy looks at the spinning compass Samuel gave her and gets into a debate with the waitress about carnival freaks. When she picks up her coffee mug, her power malfunctions, and the mug freezes and …

FlashForward Episode Eight: Playing Cards With Coyote

It’s been two months since the blackouts. There’s a news broadcast about Al’s suicide and the possibilities it suggests about how the events seen in the flash forwards can be changed.

Lloyd sends an email to several parties, titled “We have to take responsibility.”

Janis returns to work and gets hugged by Stan, who is especially paternal in this episode. Lots of comforting shoulder pats. When Janis tries to resign, Stan won’t let her, claiming he needs her in the office. She confesses that, in the wake of Al’s death, she’s confused about her own future.

Simon shows up at the hospital while Lloyd is doing card tricks for Dylan. Simon refers to Lloyd as a Nobel finalist, which is a little confusing. Nobel finalists aren’t publicly announced, are they? I just a spent a few minutes hunting for a conclusive answer at the official Nobel Prize site, and I can’t say for certain, but no, it doesn’t seem like Lloyd would know he was a finalist. Anyway, Simon is Not Amused about Lloyd’s…

V Episode Two: There Is No Normal Anymore

Erica and Father Jack sit outside the warehouse following the massacre, looking stunned by what just transpired. They discuss their plan to build an anti-Visitor resistance. When a shuttlecraft from the Visitor ship lands near them, they secretly observe the Visitors clearing away the bodies. Erica uses a payphone to anonymously call 911 and report the massacre, but Visitors intercept her call and send one of the little spike-shooting floating orb thingys after them. Erica smashes it into bits, then orders Father Jack to go home.

When she returns to her own home, she finds that Tyler isn’t in his bed. She heads downstairs with a baseball bat to investigate some suspicious noises and ends up almost braining Tyler, who is sneaking back inside. It wouldn’t have been a huge loss if she had, actually. She asks him not to get involved with the Visitors. Tyler promises, then returns to his room and hides his Visitor Peace Ambassador jacket under his bed.

Erica showers. Well, we saw Sc…

Fringe: Earthling

Oh, hey, folks, my debut recap of last week's Fringe episode ("Earthling") is up at TVgasm. Check it out, if you're so inclined.

Heroes Volume Five, Chapter Eight: Shadowboxing

A mostly joyless and charmless Heroes this week. To preserve my sanity, I’m giving it a bit of a lick and a promise. Rest assured that, even still, more thought and effort will go into this recap than went into Claire’s blasted sorority plotline.

Sylar tosses and turns in bed. I’m not talking about the cool, evil Sylar, mind you -- this is the fragile man-child Sylar who’s been hanging out at Samuel’s carnival. Still sleeping, he shapeshifts into Nathan. He wakes and gets dressed, visibly agitated, and wanders out of his trailer.

At the slaughterhouse, Claire and Gretchen manage to convince the other sorority girls in their rush group that Becky really didn’t turn invisible and attack Gretchen, and Claire really didn’t get impaled on a meat hook -- instead, Becky must’ve put hallucinogens in their water bottles. The girls buy it. Hey, why are college students in Virginia speaking with Valley girl accents? Just wondering.

Back at the dormitory, Claire wants to figure out why …

FlashForward Episode Seven: The Gift

Well, this is tricky. See, this episode kicks off with a bit of misdirection, which I can’t describe in too much detail without giving a clue to the ending. So I’m leaving a key point out of this description of the opening scene, in which a woman named Celia (remember, that’s the name Al searched for on the Mosaic website a couple episodes back) finds a flyer stamped with a blue hand tucked into the windshield of her car. It instructs her to go to (don’t bother -- it just redirects to ABC’s official FlashForward site) with the phrase, “You are one of us.”

Zoe tries to interest Demetri in a heated discussion about wedding invitations, but his attention is distracted by the alreadyghosts website. At the Benford home, things are still frosty after last episode’s revelations: Olivia tells Mark she’ll be working late, and he barely responds.

Al, Demetri and Mark examine the three corpses found at the empty house on Halloween. All have blue-painted hands, and all are…

V Episode One: Pilot

Hmm. I don’t know. I might not hang in there with this one.

All across New York, the ground starts to vibrate. FBI agent/single mom Erica Evans (Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell) tries to find her teen son Tyler (Logan Huffman), but he’s nowhere in the house. When she calls his phone, she discovers he’s in a medical clinic receiving treatment for minor injuries after getting into a fight at a party. Tyler’s a rebel. He’s also one of the more obnoxious teens on television, and there’s some mighty stiff competition in that area. I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to find him perfectly odious, though, so we’ll be able to see his growth as the series progresses. I hope so, at least.

In St. Joseph’s Church, Father Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) notices the rumbling and vibrating. Stuff starts to topple down, and he has to scurry to push a wheelchair-bound man named Roy out of the way of a random toppling crucifix. Roy narrowly avoids getting impaled by Jesus. Ah. Symbolism.

Hunky anchorman Chad …