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Fringe: Gray Matter

My new Fringe recap is up at TVgasm. More Leonard Nimoy! More exciting talk of the other universe! More of Olivia being awesome!

Fun With Keywords: Space Mutiny Edition

It's been slow around here, what with V, Flash Forward and Heroes all on their winter breaks. Here’s another look at some of the search terms used to find this site, courtesy of Google Analytics:

”space mutiny" "blood on the scales" "the oath"
I’m delighted that someone else noticed the similarities between Battlestar Galactica’s fourth-season mutiny plotline and the hooty low-budget masterpiece Space Mutiny (if you’ve missed the MST3K gang’s take on it, stick it in your Netflix queue -- it’s one of their very best efforts). Here’s a key difference, though: Space Mutiny made me howl with glee, whereas the BSG mutiny arc depressed me so much it made me stop watching BSG.

in case you're wondering, i will definitely hit a cripple
I know you will, Starbuck. And that’s the other reason I stopped watching BSG.

how to fix heroes
It wouldn’t take much, but they’ve got to put in the effort.

v is kind of lame
Yeah, it is. I mean, it’s not terminally lame. It’s ju…

Fringe: Snakehead

My latest Fringe recap is up at

FlashForward Episode Ten: A561984

So FlashForward was preempted last week (in the United States, at least -- Australia and the UK, it’s unseemly to gloat) because of Thanksgiving, and the last new episode that aired was kind of a filler-heavy dud. Hence, I’m feeling a little out of the FF loop right now. Luckily, tonight’s episode goes a long way toward getting me -- and the show in general -- back on course.

The mysterious woman (Shohreh Aghdashloo) who called Demetri to warn him of his murder watches A Christmas Carol from her sleek office with a panoramic view of the night skyline of Hong Kong. Taped to one of the windows is her very own flash forward-related evidence wall, which includes a photo of Demetri.

Mark and Demetri stride through the Hong Kong airport and compare notes on the mysterious woman. From her voice, they know she’s Iranian-born and educated in London. Mark’s phone rings incessantly, but he ignores it. A good-looking man in a suit approaches and tells Mark to answer the call, as it’s undoub…

Fringe: August

My latest Fringe recap is finally up at TVgasm. Slowly but surely, I'm fighting down the holiday backlog of shows.