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FlashForward: Future Shock

We’re here at last. The final episode. Let’s deal with the sweet, pretty, dull people first. Keiko, Bryce, Nicole, I’m looking at you.

Bryce rushes down to the immigration facility to find Keiko. The grumpy clerk tells him she was released an hour ago. She refuses to give him any further information, so Bryce pours his heart out about how he flew to Tokyo just to try to meet Keiko, and how he really loves her even though he’s never met her. The clerk replies, “In my flash forward, I had $100 in my pocket, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how it got there.” Bryce fishes around in his wallet. In exchange, she gives him the phone number for the sushi restaurant where he saw Keiko in his flash forward.

Outside the facility, Nicole apologizes to Bryce for not telling him about Keiko. Bryce apologizes for stringing her along when he knew he was in love with Keiko the whole time. Brokenhearted, Nicole speeds away and, in her distress, somehow manages to drive straight …

Fringe: Over There, Part 2

Apparently not many people watched the second part of the Fringe season finale, because the ratings were low. That's a shame -- it was a pretty darn good ending to a pretty darn good season.

My recap is up at TVgasm.

FlashForward: Countdown

We’re finally up to April 29th, the day everyone experienced during the global blackouts. Let’s get the Afghanistan plotline over with first, as only two things of note happen: 1) Aaron discovers Jericho was conducting experiments with flash forwards in advance of the blackouts (what Tracy thought were slaughtered villagers were really just unconscious test subjects), and 2) Tracy dies from her injuries.

Bryce plans a big picnic with Nicole to celebrate Flash Forward Day. Nicole finally ‘fesses up about Keiko being detained by Immigration. Bryce rushes off to the detention center to free Keiko, but her mom has already posted bond and is ready to whisk her daughter back to Tokyo.

Lloyd calls Olivia to tentatively inquire about the possibility that they’ll be lolling around in bed together later that day, as per the events seen in their respective flash forwards. Olivia, who has her hands full with a wigged-out Charlie, hangs up on him.

Mark presents Demetri with a special mix CD of fi…

Fringe: Over There

Visit TVgasm for my recap of the first part of the pretty damn awesome Fringe season finale. All kinds of good stuff happened in the parallel universe. Plus: More zeppelins!

Life Beyond Thunderdome: The Last Starfighter

My May column at Forces of Geek, "Life Beyond Thunderdome" is now up. This month? 1984's The Last Starfighter, which is a perfectly okayish kind of film.

Heroes Postmortem

It's official: NBC canceled Heroes. I'm fuzzy on the details. Something to do with the show hemorrhaging two-thirds of its viewers over the last couple of seasons? Not sure.

I was briefly tempted to start this off with, "I come to bury Heroes, not to praise it," but I'm not a huge fan of public gloating. Granted, the severe dip in the show's quality made me lose all enthusiasm for it by early fall last year, and I never did get around to watching the back half of the final season, but for a good run there, this site devoted significant time and energy to covering and analyzing the show. Thus, it seems only right to have one final wrap-up post.

Here's a handy master list of the Heroes-themed posts on this site:

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My account of meeting all those talented and ch…

Fringe: Northwest Passage

My terribly late recap of last week's Fringe is up at TVgasm. Peter mucked about in the Pacific Northwest, hanging out with Stef from The Goonies and eating pie and thwarting a brain-slicing serial killer. Good stuff.

FlashForward: The Negotiation

Repeat as necessary:

Just two more episodes. Just two more episodes. Just two more episodes.

Dead show walking, folks: Per unofficial reports, FlashForward has been canceled, to the surprise of precisely no one. Considering the joyless and charmless muddle into which this once-promising show devolved, the news is a relief.

It’s April 28th, the day before the events revealed in the flash forwards are supposed to take place. New footage of Suspect Zero -- Simon -- wandering around awake and aware during the blackouts at the Detroit Oxide Stadium is leaked to a local news channel, which has Stan and the rest of the FBI gang spitting tacks. Figuratively, of course. The footage was anonymously delivered to the station via messenger; Demetri tries to track down the source, but he’s distracted by Zoey, who wants him to drop everything and take off with her to Hawaii so he’ll be safely out of the city on April 29th.

In other Demetri news, he’s decided he wants to be a part of Janis’s baby’…

FlashForward: Course Correction

Two days before the blackouts: At their laboratory in Palo Alto, Simon and Lloyd share a toast and prepare for their latest experiment, in which they’re going to attempt to simulate the Big Bang. Their giddy mood is dampened when Simon gets a call from his mom informing him of his father’s death.

The day of the blackouts: With a great deal of fanfare, Lloyd, minus Simon, activates a big, shiny blue particle accelerator. As soon as he does this, the blackouts take place across the world.

Present day: It’s now only a week from the date seen in the flash forwards, which means this season must be coming to an end. Hallelujah! As the world gears up for this event, Lloyd is interviewed on television, along with Celia, the woman who was saved from her flash forward-ordained death by cute Al’s suicide. Lloyd claims that people like Celia who have managed to avoid their fate are anomalies. He believes the universe will keep pushing toward the futures shown in the flash forwards. The uni…

Fringe: Brown Betty

So Fringe was thoroughly bonkers last week, what with all the singing and the jazz hands and the fedoras, to say nothing of Olivia's Damon Runyonesque accent. My belated recap is up at the new, improved TVgasm site. Fair warning for formatting errors beyond my control; the new site is, shall we say, not entirely bug-free.