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Life Beyond Thunderdome: The Monster Squad

This month's column at Forces of Geek is now up. I took a look at the 1987 kiddie monster flick, The Monster Squad.

Anyone see this one? It's big and loud and obnoxious and fun. It features a gaggle of cute kids and a zippy script by action meister Shane Black. If you find your viewing tastes haven't changed much since you were in grade school, you'll probably find something to love about this film.

Fun With Keywords: Newly Virus-Free Edition

Yikes. The back half of May and the front half of June kind of slipped away from me.

I spent far too much of that time battling a nasty, spiteful pair of dueling computer viruses. My awesome personal tech guru (i.e. my brilliant sister Ingrid) helped me hunt down and kill the first one, and some very kind and patient person at the Geeks to Go forums helped me with the second. Seriously, there’s nothing like a creative and vigorous malware attack to make the internet lose a lot of its appeal. I am Googling with much caution these days.

Time for a look at the keywords used to find this site:

i want to be neil from white collar
Excellent choice. Neal is awesome. He’s smart. Charming. Handsome. Snazzy dresser. Plays a mean game of chess. Probably smells like expensive cologne and good shampoo. Sure, he’s a convicted felon, but you could do worse than making Neal your own personal spiritual guru.

flashforward "worst agent”
While compelling arguments can be made that Demetri,…