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Hey, let's take a quiz!

This is fun. I promise!

Over at the website for my publishing company, Luft Books, I've created a quick ten-question Buzzfeedesque quiz designed to help match up readers with Luft titles, based upon personality, predilections, and pop-culture tastes. It is all very, very scientific, and I think I showed admirable restraint in only making a scant one-tenth of the questions about Duran Duran. (Fun fact: Every single Duran Duran fan who has taken the quiz thus far has ended up with Bias Cut. This is probably not a coincidence.)

Give it a try here, and then let me know your results.

Arrow 2-23: “Unthinkable”

Roy comes out of his coma just as Slade’s super-powered minions storm the clock tower. He promptly gets pummeled by one of the goons, which proves pretty decisively that the cure has worked on him. Nice to have you back, Roy. I’ve missed those giddy pre-mirakuru days when all of his fights would end with him getting his pert Abercrombie-model ass handed to him by miscreants. Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Roy flee from the tower, just as Lyla Michaels zooms by in an A.R.G.U.S. chopper and blows it to bits with a rocket launcher.
They regroup at the now-destroyed lair beneath Verdant. While Felicity and Roy scrounge for injection arrows to fill with the mirakuru cure, Diggle heads off with Lyla to prevent Amanda Waller from blowing up Starling City with her drones. Roy has no memory of his madcap pre-coma escapades (getting kidnapped by Slade, going on a crazed rampage, killing a cop, beating up Sin, attacking Thea); Felicity lies and assures him he was unconscious the whole time. It’s …

Arrow 2-22: “Streets of Fire”

Laurel is trapped behind rubble after Oliver caved in the ceiling of Sebastian Blood’s secret lair to escape from Slade’s mirakuru-enhanced goons at the end of last episode. From the other side of the debris, Oliver coaches her through the process of firing one of his exploding arrows to free herself. It works. After Laurel’s rough, unhappy storyline this season, it’s nice to see her rack up some small accomplishments.
A Deathstroke-suited Isabel squares off against Digg. Just as Isabel tells Digg about her fervent desire to shoot Felicity in the face, Felicity zips up in a van and runs her over. Women. Always squabbling with each other, amirite? On the one hand, it’s a well-timed and grimly funny gag; on the other, it brings up the acrid stench of the way the show pitted Felicity and Isabel against each other earlier this season (Felicity acted wounded and betrayed when Oliver slept with Isabel; Isabel accused Felicity of sleeping with Oliver to advance her career). I have no troubl…

Arrow 2-21: “City of Blood”

Ah, yes. My love-hate relationship with Arrow seems to inevitably drift more toward the “hate” end of the spectrum with every passing episode.
The promo department at The CW has been whipping up a lot of folderal about the three-part Arrow season finale, of which this is the first installment. Problem is, nothing much happens here. Basically, it’s an episode in which Oliver shirks his duties for an hour, then finally decides to get his head back in the game; it’s a grotesquely inessential hour of television. I suspect the Arrow creative minds realized they had a dud on their hands and thus shoehorned this episode in under the season-finale awning so they could have a handy excuse for the lack of forward momentum: “It’s okay that nothing happens! It’s the build-up to the season finale, guys!”