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Duran Duran comics: Save a Prayer

Let's wrap up this series of comic books with the meditative, melancholy vibe of "Save a Prayer."

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Duran Duran comics: Hungry Like the Wolf

I have a natural distrust of anyone who doesn't like this song. Here's what the video looks like as a comic book.

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Duran Duran comics: Rio

Today's Duran Duran comic book: their justly-celebrated "Rio" video.

Since much of this video's totally awesome visual style comes from those geometric frames that Russell Mulcahy kept throwing in there, I wanted to preserve that by not adding frames of my own. Also? It's impossible to extract a coherent linear narrative from the images. Just sit back and look at pretty pictures.

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Duran Duran comics: New Moon on Monday

Another Duran Duran comic! This time, their video for "New Moon on Monday" is getting the comic book treatment. Since all I'm really doing is digitally altering screenshots from the video in Photoshop, only a microscopic bit of actual artistry is going into this, but still, I think the end result is neat.

Out of deference to the boys, all of whom apparently despise this video*, I've cut their hilariously overlong climactic dance sequence down to a single panel.

*They have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's a thoroughly charming video, albeit with a few moments--i.e. the aforementioned dance sequence--that could've used some judicious editing. It's still one of my favorites.

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Duran Duran comics: Union of the Snake

I don't think this is going to come as news to anyone, but... Duran Duran's "Union of the Snake" is a weird-ass video.

Here's how it looks as a comic book. Nick and (especially) Andy get the short shrift in this, but... y'know, Andy is baaaaarely in the video, and while Nick gets a decent chunk of screen time, he spends all of it sitting and reading a map, which is the sort of thing that really only deserves a single panel in a comic book.

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Duran Duran comics: A View to a Kill

Got another one of these:

This time, it's Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill" video that's getting the two-page comic book treatment. These are fun. I like seeing the lyrics plastered directly on the images, and if anyone deserves to have his beautiful face emblazoned with "drench your skin with lover's rosy stain", it's Nick Rhodes.

As before, larger (i.e. readable) images are after the jump.

Duran Duran comics: The Wild Boys

This is really just insanely self-amusing, even for me, but... I was goofing off in Photoshop, and I ended up turning Duran Duran's awesome "Wild Boys" video into a two-page comic book. (You know how I'm always yammering on about wanting to make a weird, glamorous adult-themed cartoon about Duran Duran? This is an obvious baby step in that general direction.) I think I like it -- Simon Le Bon's gloriously bizarre lyrics work really well when emblazoned across Russell Mulcahy's gloriously bizarre images.
A larger, readable version is after the jump:

Here's where I've been hiding lately.

Side projects! I've been putting in long hours lately building this burgeoning, epic, sprawling wiki for my publishing company, Luft Books. It's still a work-in-progress, and likely will be until the end of time, but it's ready for visitors.
So... welcome to the Luft Books Universe, an interconnected database of plots, characters, places, themes, and everything else that appears in the pages of the novels published by Luft (which is currently comprised of my five books--Bias Cut, Lonely Satellite,Preppies of the Apocalypse, Wrong City, and Charlotte Dent--plus A.K. Adler's Disconnected and Hooked. In addition, my book Demon City will be coming out this fall/winter). It's all cross-indexed for ease of clickability, and it's fun.
As an added bonus, I've gone a little Photoshop-crazy, designing logos and such for all the fake television shows and plays and locations that exist in the Luft Books universe.

We've got logos for fake television shows: