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Fun With Keywords: Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americanos! 
Just so you all know, all six of my books—Bias Cut, Lonely Satellite, DemonCity, WrongCity, Charlotte Dent, and Preppies of the Apocalypse—are now available in snazzy paperback editions as well as ebook format. Just in time for Christmas! If anybody’s interested in signed copies (perfect for gifting!), email me and we’ll work it out. Otherwise, here's my Amazon author page.
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duranalysis home This site is your Duranalysis home base. Click here for the full array of my Duranalyses.

Arrow 3-07: "Draw Back Your Bow"

As much as I try to relax and just accept Arrow for what it is, it'd be awfully nice if the show's views on women weren't so painfully retrograde. This episode was a doozy in that regard (Thea starting to fall for that DJ who acts like a total dick to her! Felicity going weak over diamonds and couture! Cupid's neurotic obsession with Oliver!).
Illustrated recap below. Click the links for larger, expandable images.

Arrow 3-06: "Guilty"

Fresh new illustrated guide to Arrow! Better episode! Not especially, like, good or anything, but not nearly as soul-shreddingly awful as last week's Felicity weep-fest.

Arrow 3-05: "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"

It was a perfectly loathsome episode of Arrow last night. My unusually vitriolic illustrated recap is after the jump.